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New Testimonial!

John Deere DB120 Planter

Lowell Garrett - DB120 48 Row John Deere 120 Foot PlanterCustom Tires + Inflation System + CFI Compaction Specialist = $100,000 increase in profit in 1 year!!!

Let Lowell explain to you how we put a system on his tractor that more than paid for itself IN ONE YEAR.

Lowell spent the time to measure the compaction and yield loss that they were seeing in the field. The solution that we came up with is state of the art and top of the line. This allowed him to not only increase his yield but straighten the rows and end the skidding he was dealing with. Check it out!

Great Plains
YP-1625 Planter

Check out how we helped Bill reduce the compaction that his Great Plains YP-1625 Planter was causing.


Check out how we are helping Hagie Manufacturing revolutionize tire solutions for sprayers and applicators.

7120 Combine

Testimonial on dual-tire setup for Case 7120 Combine. Let Steve tell you all about it.

John Deere
S690 Combine

First Look. John Deere S690 Tire vs. Track machine.