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A Prescription for your Tires, Wheels, & Tracks

We can take the guesswork out of predicting your service and equipment investment so you can focus on the rest of your operation. Our TreadRX tool helps take a little of the worry out of managing your tires, wheels, and tracks. So how does it work?

1.) Schedule a FREE audit

That’s right, FREE. Schedule your audit below for a time that works for you, and one of our knowledgeable Tread Experts will come to you and complete an audit of your application equipment. Before they leave, they will email you a custom health report of what they were able to identify and diagnose.

Schedule your FREE audit

2.) Receive your comprehensive health report

You will receive a comprehensive report with all your inventory logged in one place. Beyond that, our TreadRX tool helps take a little of the worry out of managing your farm fleet with recommendations and options for what you may need to replace or repair so that you can get a solution built for your farm operation’s needs.

Check out a sample report

3.) Get back to doing what matters

Information is power. Similar to the report you get when you receive an oil change, you will have all the data you need to plan ahead and budget. Maintaining your tires, wheels, and tracks will ensure uptime, productivity, and yield production.

Get started!

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